Your numbers. Your way. In real-time.

Finally – customized, online accounting services that make it easy to understand your financial reporting and keep your business on track.

How We Work

Managing your business is hard enough. Leave the NUMBR crunching to us!


We’re all about increasing business efficiencies through technology so that your business bookkeeping runs quicker, smoother, and better. Our streamlined, digital cloud processes, access to in-depth data analytics and insights, and digital bookkeeping and payroll services are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

We are a firm that thrives on innovation to solve challenges. By providing cloud bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting analytics with real-time visual representations of your financials, you always know how your company is doing financially. Our solutions are essential to the success of your small or medium-sized business!

To maximize your business’s profits, you require a business model that grows alongside your business. That’s where our online accounting software’s real-time metrics come in handy. Via a personalized Business Intelligence (BI) portal at your fingertips, you can make the best financial decisions for your business using the most accurate, up-to-date information

Oh, and if you need us to provide some financial advice along the way? Our NUMBR crunchers are always only a phone call or email away!

What Makes Us Different

We handle your NUMBRS, leaving you to handle your business.

After we set you up with our online bookkeeping software, managing your business’s finances is no longer frustrating, time-consuming, or complicated. Using our efficient digital processes, you’re easily provided with accurate financial information, any time you need it.

By using the right accounting systems, you can get back to focusing on what matters the most – the success of your business.

Custom Accounting Analytics

NUMBRS mean nothing without accounting data analytics.

Digital Bookkeeping

Organize your NUMBRS with efficient, online bookkeeping software.

Payroll Services

NUMBRS mean nothing without accounting data analytics.


Within a matter of seconds, view a complete, visual representation of your business’s financial information. Tailored to your organization, our BI dashboards provide you with the up-to-date financial information you need to make the best business decisions.


Embrace a paperless office using digital bookkeeping software that saves you time and money. Our cloud-based bookkeeping technology accurately organizes all of your business transactions so that you no longer have to worry about making mistakes.


Meet your payroll requirements effortlessly with one of our many payroll services solutions, in-house or outsourced. Experience convenient access to appropriate employment-related forms and timely support whenever needed. Managing your business’s payroll is no longer a headache!

Integrative Financial Systems

Our NUMBR processes easily integrate with your other bookkeeping tools.


Love From Our Clients

“Thanks to NUMBRS, I now have a clear and accurate understanding of my business’s financial picture. Before working with Anna, I was guessing. She quickly gained an understanding of our

business and what was missing and then implemented reports and systems that advanced our financial acumen.”

“Our team has worked with Anna Carey since 2011. She came to a client of ours and when we saw her work, we were immediately impressed. She cleaned up a mess and got everything up to date in no time. Since then, we have referred her to two other larger small business clients. She is more than a bookkeeper but rather a part-time controller helping these clients understand and manage their businesses better. Anna is quick to respond and goes above and beyond. Always a pleasure to deal with.”

-Christine O’Reilly, President, CORE Agency

-Steve Jones, CPA, CA, partner Jones Thomblison LLP